March 31, 2009

Down for the count...

I have been sick with the dreaded cold/flu bug since Sunday...ughhh!
I can barely get out of bed. I HATE staying in bed.
I hope to be back soon.
I am getting sick of TV!
Miss you all!
Trying to...

March 28, 2009

My Gift for Gracie Love...

Today I am going to a Baby Shower for my dear friend Judi's daughter, Mandie.
She is having her first child, a little girl and they are naming her Gracie Love!
I wanted to make something special for her celebration...

I bought this darling soft fleece blanket at my local T.J. Maxx...with the adorable little horsey on it.... I decided I would try to duplicate the horse and make a matching little soft sculpture for her room.

It is made out of felt that I loosely stuffed and closed with a embroidered buttonhole stitch.
Here is a great link for a buttonhole stitch tutorial... Future Girl.
I was pleased how it turned out.
I made this personalized plaque for her nursery too!
Hope she likes it!I like baby showers...they are such a blessed and happy occasion.
I'm looking forward to a nice afternoon.
Have a wonderful weekend too!

March 26, 2009

How Many Sisters do you have?

Here is a picture of my siblings, both brothers and sisters! I am the one in the middle...and you may recognize my sister Diane from Saturday Finds, she is the pretty blonde right next to me!
A sister is more than the one you may share your parents with. I am lucky to have four biological sisters, Suzanne, Claudia Diane and Mary. I consider it an absolute blessing to have them in my life. We have so many memories that are unique unto us, and a bond that can't be broken. Sisters are indeed special and true gifts. We can't live without sisters in our lives to share our good times and those times of disappointment and despair.

It is with much joy that I accept the Sisterhood Award that was given to me my by my
blogging sister, Karen of Heart Felt Living.
She tells me this award is given to someone that shows sisterly attitude and gratitude! If I have demonstrated those traits, I am certainly humbled to have been acknowledged. I love being a sister and I am overjoyed to add new sisters to my family all the time. Don't limit your sisterhood to your own genealogy...there are sisters out there just waiting to have you consider them just that...a sister!

Are you familiar with any of these sisters?
The singing Lennon Sisters! They still perform together today!
The Andrew Sisters, WW II icons of Entertainment!
Remember these sisters.... Dear Abby & Dear Ann Landers.
These two are the Famous Dolly Sisters of Vaudeville Theater.
The Brown Sisters, They won the Youth Generosity of Spirit award from the Cancer Society for their volunteer services.
Look at these two cuties, the Pecorelli Sisters, collecting 100 food items on their "100th Day of School Celebration" to help feed those in need during this Recession Time.

You certainly don't need to be "famous" sisters to make an impact in this world.
You just need to have a generous attitude matched with heart felt gratitude and a sister, old or new to help you make a difference! Grab your sister today...tell her how much she means to you...and get started making a better day for someone in need!
Hooray for...Sisterhood!

March 24, 2009

What to do with a Leftover Veggie Tray?

Make Turkey Vegetable Soup...of course!
My husband brought home this tray of veggies that were leftover from a meeting at his office...
I knew I had to use them up before they went to waste...
...and heaven forbid anything go to waste in these times... especially!
I pride myself in being able to go to my pantry and make a meal in minutes.
Growing up in a family of nine, we had to do that often! So, here goes...
First trim and cut up the veggies (leaving the carrots and tomatoes whole)Next brown some lean ground turkey...(it's what I have on hand)and add a chopped onion...(red or white will do)
...and whatever spices you like. I added dried cilantro, rosemary and parsley!
Add salt & pepper during the browning too!
Now add two cans of Fat Free Chicken Broth. (I had some homemade broth from earlier in the week so I used it place of one of the cans.)
While the turkey is browning...a break for the cook...hmmm. a little wine?

And now add some pre-made gravy (whatever flavor you have on hand)
even...Cream of Chicken, Mushroom or Celery Soup will do to.
Combine all ingredients together in a large pot and bring to a boil.
Then let the soup simmer for about an hour. (very low heat)
Still simmering...
Finally...fry a package of vermicelli (or you can even use small broken up pieces of spaghetti) in about 2-3 tbl. olive oil, until they are brown and crispy. Doing this makes for crispier noodles in your soup. (Just add the the pasta straight from the bag for softer noodles)

Add the crispy vermicelli to the soup. This is the fun part...they sizzle when you add them!
Your kids would love to help with this part. :)
If you want the noodles to remain "crispy" add just before serving!
And there you go...a delicious and nutricious "Veggie Tray-Turkey Soup"
Hubby just got home...from working late tonight!
I am going to go enjoy a bowl of soup with him.

March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Daughters...A Special Relationship!

Their Birthday...but My Gift!
Not too long ago they were sharing the same "toilet"! They yelled for me to come and look, and of course I had to snap a picture! (I can't wait to use this one in the wedding slideshow!) My twin daughters... that's Lauren on the left and Shannon on the right! "Womb Mates" at one time and now "Room Mates" living together in the townhome they bought! I remember that day well...a little bit later I heard them talking in their room. Although they are "fraternal" twins, they had come up with a plan, a scheme to fool everyone...they chose to dress identical that day , as they often did, right down to their undies. That's when I walked by their bedroom and heard Lauren say to her sister, "Now no one will be able to tell us apart!" "Yeah, even our panties are the same!" Shannon replied. Even though they had their individual looks, people did mix them up, confused their names, and they thought it was because they looked the same! It makes me smile today when I think back on their take of their "twinship".

Yesterday was their 24th birthday! Wow, did the time go by quickly, but it has been packed with laughter, tears, surprises and marvelous memories. I wouldn't trade a day...and I cherish each and every moment I am blessed to share with them!

I used to be a member of the "Mother of Twins Club". It was long before the widespread use of infertility drugs and IVF. Their motto was one I still treasure:
"A Special Club where God chooses the members"
I have felt truly honored and priviledged to have been given the awesome gift of each and every one of my 5 children...and it was a bonus to have been blessed with twins!

March 17, 2009

The Eating of the Green...

We have a lot of Irish blood in our mother's maiden name is O'Brien,
my maiden name is Logan and I married a McKillion!
How's that for wearing the "green"?
May the luck of the Irish be with you all.
I'd offer you a cupcake if you were here...

March 13, 2009

Simple Beauty is Always Around Us!

As I was enjoying the beautiful sunshine today and the clear, dry weather I took a walk around my yard to feel the warm rays on my face...and look what I found, right under my feet...the simple signs of Spring, the simple signs of God's love and grace that surround us every day. They are always there, just waiting for us to acknowledge their presence...but sometimes we can get so busy, so focused on our many tasks, that we miss what is right before our eyes. Those small and simple gifts that are given to us to enjoy each and every day. How is it that we miss them? Do we have too many other things taking priority to take even a moment for those that are most important, most meaningful and most beautiful? Simplifying your life is a journey you choose to take. To do the things you enjoy, you must find the time and take the time to do them. To spend time with people you value, you must say good-bye to a jam-packed schedule. Are you willing to make changes so that you live your life at a reasonable pace allowing time to truly enjoy that which brings you calm and contentment? Are you willing to forgo the expectations the world places on you and listen to the plan that God has had for you all along? We are all precious women, each with an important role that only we can fill. Make every day count for you and the people around you!
Simplifying is a process. It has no doubt taken a long time to build up your life to the level of busyness it may hold. It will take some time to simplify it. You can't change it all in one day...but you can make a start! Begin by noticing the simple signs of beauty in your own backyard!

March 2, 2009

Baby Blessings!

This week our family welcomed a new little baby boy! My niece , Rachel gave birth to her firstborn, son, Seth! 7 lbs. 15 oz of pure joy! Mom, baby and daddy are doing great. Isn't he darling? This wonderful event prompted me to get out my little collection of mini baby cards! I just love them. They are so small and sweet. Do you have some of these vintage treasures? Hmmm...which one should I send?

My sister, Diane at Saturday Finds makes some beautiful gifts for a new baby and many other occasions too. One of her fabulous creations is called "Posy Pockets". They are so unique & special. She has a knack for that vintage flair in her designs! Go take a peek!
It is definitely worth the quick trip over to her blog and Etsy Shop!
"Happy Birthday" Posy Pocket

I love to use these vintage baby planters for baby gifts. You can always find them at sales and thrift stores. There is something so appealing about them (at least to me).

Thanks to LolliShops who sponsored their All Dolled Up Event recently, I won their door prize and received this grab box of goodies. What a fun gift to open up. Stop over and visit all of their fabulous vendors. I am sure you will spot a treasure or two.
Thanks Sadie Lou...and everyone else that participated!

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