July 29, 2009

Summer and Garage Sales go together like Soup and Sandwich!

Coffee in hand...change in my wallet...the car is gassed up and it it's time to head out...
Yeah...Garage Sale Friday (last Friday that was...)
Here are some of my fun finds!
Some magazines for my 2 teen daughters...they were 10 cents each and current editions too!
The "Adorn" was for me!
This wonderful Hallmark Instant Christmas Scrapbook!
Love all the vintage beads...
...and embellishments too!
A sweet lady named Barbara sold me these Christmas cottages and she was so nice! She said that she used to have an entire collection, but these were the only ones she had left....they are at least 50 years old! She was downsizing and moving after losing her husband three years ago.
All these accessories came with them. $1 for the whole lot!
I love candles...but only if they are brand new like these two!
And how about these two apple baker bowls! Can't wait to try them out.

This neat set of fry pans was made in Yugoslavia...the handle switches from pan to pan as needed...cool uh?
And the "Piece de Resistance"....
Isn't she a beauty....The previous owner tells me she only rode it a half a dozen times or so....
I hope I will do better!
With the unusually extreme hot weather here in Portland, Oregon....107 degrees today...I may have to wait a bit to try her out!

I guess this Friday I will have to be certain to have a large bottle of very cold water on hand too!


July 17, 2009

Summer, Sun & Sand...

It has been a busy summer so far with my parents visiting, graduations, barbecues, parties, weddings, gardening and our special Sunday family dinners. . There have also been many dinners at the local sushi bar (only $1.00 - $1.50 per plate) followed by TCBY yogurt afterwards! The weather has been so lovely that is is hard to stay inside on the computer when the sun is shining and the bees are buzzing outside. My husband and I love to putter around the garden and even take on major projects. We just put in some new sod in the front yard and moved roses and other plants around to make room....all by ourselves...we painted our decks and made a new shade garden, along with our veggie beds that are growing like weeds...whew!

Well we are off to the Oregon coast to spend a couple of days at our "Con-tel" (It is a condo we own that looks like and is run like a hotel!) It is built into the side of the mountain right on the beach. You enter the building on the 9th floor...and then take the elevator down to the 4th floor to our room. When you continue down to the first floor you step right out on to the sand! There is a pool and spa and a beautiful restaurant and lounge up on the 10th floor. The views are incredible...360 views of the ocean and beach with the lights shining on the sand throughout the evening making for some gorgeous sights and even whale watching! We are truly fortunate to be able to enjoy such wonder and beauty!
The view from our suite.

Hope you have a nice weekend too...put up your feet for a
while and just take in the awe of God's creation!

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