September 5, 2018

Set up to sell...

It's official!
"Cottage Cozy" is open for business.

Red Door Antiques + Resale
394 NW 1st Street
 Canby, Oregon

Staying Cozy,

August 22, 2018

Open for Business...

I am excited to announce I am opening up a  "Cottage Cozy" shop here in the Portland area at a wonderful antique store,
 Red Door Antiques + Resale in the quaint town of Canby.

(you can visit the store here)

My spot will be ready and open for business on September 1st.
Just in time for the holidays!

True to its name, you are welcomed in via the "red door".

Sharon, the owner, has a real love for antiques and collectibles
and considers her vendors "family".

If you are visiting this area - please stop in. 
It is the kind of store that has something for everyone.

Stay Cozy,

August 16, 2018

Instant Pot = Instant Memories...

What's inside these little boxes we are holding you ask?


Well...on four consecutive Tuesday evenings in July, two of my
daughters and I met together at my church for "Oasis"...
an evening for women to gather, have dinner, enjoy an encouraging word
from a speaker, and most of all...try something new.

When registering for the program, there was a list of classes we could
choose from. Things like journaling, pickle ball, quilting, hula dancing,
sign making and many more. The hope was that you might find
something that would be a bit out of your box.

And we picked:


I had given my daughter Shannon and Instant Pot for Christmas and she loved it...I bought one for myself but had not even taken it out of the box yet...
and Grace? 
Well she was cautiously curious and decided to come along.

We absolutely loved the class - in fact the whole evening was such a wonderful
time together. We dined - we listened - we laughed - we cooked and we tasted!
Oh boy did we taste!

And the little boxes?
The final night of class was all about making desserts!

Banana bread, berry crisp, applesauce, yogurt...
and mini cheesecakes - regular and chocolate!

Instant Pot Cheesecake

Everything was delicous.

And what has been so fun... is that we have all become Instant Pot converts 
and are loving sharing recipes and ideas with one another. 
Yes...even before the last class Grace bought an Instant Pot for herself and
 I went right home, opened my box and have been using it ever since.

And even better - we shared laughs and made fun memories 
every Tuesday evening for 4 weeks as we stepped out and tried something new. 

What have you tried new lately? I'd love to know.

Stay Cozy,

August 14, 2018

The Little Free Library...

There are many of these darling "self-serve" Lending Libraries" in 
neighborhoods in Portland and the outlying communities.
This one is just a couple of blocks from my house...

Just open the door and choose a book that looks interesting. 
Take a book - leave a book!

Do you have these in your area?
If not - perhaps you could start one.
Visit here for more information.

I think I will choose this book today.

How to start a Little Free Library book exchange

Stay Cozy,

July 17, 2018

Just be"cause"...

A "Fun Family" Gift Basket for a good cause.

It was so fun to put together this family game night basket and along with 
some other donated prizes, to help raise money for a young girl with a
 rare + debilatating illness. 

Stay Cozy,

July 10, 2018

No chocolate allowed...

 I love to bake birthday cakes and cupcakes!
This one was for my daughter's boyfriend that dislikes chocolate.
So strawberry it was!
 A 4-layer vanilla cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting!

Fresh sliced strawberries were place betwwen the layers along with the whipped crea/cream cheese frosting. I used strawberrypoke cake for two of the layers and plain white cake for the other two.

A poke cake is a cake that you poke holes into after its baked and cooled. The holes are then filled with jello or other liquid fillings such as condensed milk, chocolate, pudding or even pureed fruit. This infuses every bite of the cake and keeps the cake moist. I used strawberry jello.

It was yummy, light and not a mention of chocolate!

Staying Cozy,

July 7, 2018

Just a Pinch of Salt...

With all the wonderful herbs growing in my garden I decided to do something different...I have made many flavored pestos...
why not some flavored salts? 

 Starting with my freshly picked basil...I spread it out on a cookie sheet
and put it in a 275 degree oven to dry it out (about 15-20 mins)

 It definatley shrivels up - so go ahead and crowd it on the pan.

 Once dried it is "So Simple"...
Just add it to the food processor with coarse kosher salt and
pulse until it has reached the consistency you desire.

 It will look like this! It is so wonderfully flavorful.
I have also used my cliantro and even my lemon oregano.

You can find some small jars and give it as a gift by itself or perhaps
with a nice loaf of bread or even basil butter (which I also made).
I sent this little jar home with my daughter's boyfriend when he came over
to finishing building a table with my husband.

Bon Appetit and
 Stay Cozy!

July 2, 2018

Decor for the 4th!

Decorating for the 4th!

I am looking forward to a wonderful day!

Stay Cozy,

June 27, 2018

A Patriotic Welcome....

It's almost time for my favorite holiday of all...
4th of July!

No gifts or stress... just a wonderful day to enjoy friends and/or family,
 relax and celebrate this great country filled
with unimaginable blessings for all.

Of course a little decorating is always fun...
and reminds us of the special day.

Here  are some front doors with simple understated decorations to
 mark the holiday.

Which one is your favorite?




Stay Cozy,

June 14, 2018

Some Cute + "Time"ly kitchen pieces....

It's difficult for me to resist a cute kitchen timer...
especially if it is red and has a chicken or cherries...

Here are a few of mine!

 There was just something about this sweet little clock I couldn't resist either...
It must have been her little ponytail-buns!

Stay Cozy,
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