March 19, 2018

Days Gone By...

Three of my four daughters live in Northwest Portland - downtown- where there are so many quaint older buildings filled with wonderful stores, coffee shops, bakeries and fabulous restaurants. They are all within walking dstance of their homes. Some days we will go downtown just to take in the ambiance of the vintage store fronts and admire the beautiful construction work of days gone by. 

Last night I dropped by one of my twin daughter's apartments to wish her a happy birthday and drop off a gift...this is the entrance to her vintage building.
It hasn't changed since it was built. It is just beautiful!

This is how we call her so she can buzz us in...

Isn't is just a hoot?

And adjacent to the phone are the mailboxes.
I just love the place and wanted to share it with you all. 
I wish I could have taken photos of the inside...
but she was getting ready to go out of town - so no go!
Maybe next time...

Stay Cozy!

March 16, 2018

幸せな食事 Happy Eating....

My niece and her family are living in Okinawa for a few years. When I went over to my sister's (her mom) house I noticed she had all sorts of unusual food packets in her pantry. It seems her daughter has been delighting her with some of the foods that are a staple there. 

This one I thought was so funny - becuase it seemd like a take on a Mexican dish.

"Taco Rice"

 This is what comes inside the package...we "face-timed" her to get the directions....
since they were all in Japanese.
You heat the two larger pouches in boiling water for about 5 mins. 
Then add the contents of the packets to cooked rice and mix in the hot sauce.

This is how it looks when it is done boiling. 

Add it to the pre-cooked rice and...Voila...authentic Taco Rice from Okinawa! 
 It was actully very good!

Here are some of the other packets she sent!
I love the packaging!

Happy Eating!

March 14, 2018

A Family That Plays Together Stays Together...

For many people, board games represent a staple of family gatherings.
 Board games go back much further than many of us might think.
 The earliest ever recorded board game is "Senet",
 traces of which have been found as far back as 
3500 BC in predynastic Egypt.

 With five kids, we have owned a plethora of board games, old and new, over the years and they continue to be a fun pastime for our family!

 Here are a few of the "vintage" board games I have... 
I just love the artwork on the boxes and even some of the names.
Board games hold so much history and really reflect waht was happening
 at the time they were made!

The artwork on this box immediately tells you when this game came out...
the clothing...the hairstyles..I just love it! Circa 1968

This Bingo game advertises that it has "the new plastic number selector"
...that was something truly new and inventive at the time.

Of course the man is the executive and the woman the dutiful secretary...
in this "Junior Executive" 1960 game. Even the directions refer to "he" as
 it explains the way to play.

This Bingo was a little earlier then the other one 1959  
- no plastic selector here - all the playing pieces are cardboard

This 1969 game...truly shows the way the world was going 
heading towards the 70's...peace, love and psche paths!
 Even the colors of the playing pieces reflect the era.

Scrabble is a favorite in our family (Speed Scrabble to be exact). 
Scrabble is one of the most well-known letter crossword games.
 Earlier versions of it were created in the early 1930s, 
and the name Scrabble was trademarked in 1948. 

I have quite a few other games tucked away...
I am sure you do too.
What is a favorite board game you have enjoyed?

Happy Gaming,

March 12, 2018

One Friend Can Change Your Whole Life...

A warm fire...cocktails on ice...sharing and giggles...
joy and lots of laughter...friends fill your life in so many ways.

I am so fortunate to call these five wonderful people my "friends" husband included sitting in the middle
(sorry no selfie stick - I was taking the photo)

 And it was my pleasure this past Friday night to thank them for their friendship by fixing this  large "charcuterie" spread!

Remember a friend in a special way today ...
it will fill your heart!

Stay Cozy,

March 8, 2018

Swan Lake...

Although when we recently visited  Seaside
these "swans" were grounded...

...these graceful paddle boats will soon be released to their proper
 place in the Necanicum River, offering a wonderful afternoon
  for those willing to take a ride. During aquatic excursions, wandering boaters may cruise past a summer concert or explore the shoreline. This beautiful waterway has so much to offer, including great blue and green herons and many other species of migratory birds. 

As they say...
It's easy to Seaside!
And they are eager to show you how, when, and where to do all the great things Seaside has to offer.

I am looking forward to my return visit during the warm 
summer months and riding on a swan!

Stay Cozy,

March 6, 2018

Prepping makes perfect...

 If you prepare these two bowls at the beginning of the week - you will have the makings of some very healthy and delicious meals. Keep them in the fridge "undressed" so they don't get soggy - that way you can scoop out what you need as you go. Salads, frittatas, rice bowls, soups, burritos and wraps are only a few of the meals you can make using these super foods!

 This bowl is full of the greens - 
kale, spinach, and 3 or 4 other leafy lettuces.

This one has cooked quinoa with finely chopped veggies -
zuchini, cucumber, tomatoes, broccoli, celery and scallions. 
Add whatever veggies you love.

An added bonus:
Look for a pomegranate at your local market this week! 
You won't be sorry for taking the time to break open a this delicious fruit and harvest all those tart and crunchy seeds. 
They add so much - both in health and flavor.

Now a meal like this will take minutes to prepare. 
Simply saute the two mixes...add some meatballs of your choice...
(these are veggie)...a little sauce and your done!

Eating Cozy,

March 1, 2018

Is it a squirrel or a horse?

I found this hysterical squirrel feeder at my local Goodwill store...
 It only took minutes before he smelled the nuts hidden inside...

...and then of course his curiosity (and appetite for nuts) was too much to resist!

...and before my very squirrel became a horse! 

What a funny sight to certainly made us laugh!
Here are some other ones I found... so cute!

Related image

Image result for squirrel head feeders

You can find them for sale at The Squirrel Store.

Stay Cozy, 

February 25, 2018

Creative Lettering Therapy

 I've been working on my creative lettering and zentangles today.
Creating beautiful and inspirational hand lettering is wonderful for relaxation 
and it comes in handy in so many ways. 
This is a hobby that requires very little supplies and is quit portable too!

I am looking forward to my "Creative Lettering + Journaling"
worksohop I will be teaching in a few weeks!

It is going to be a fun series!

Stay Cozy,

February 23, 2018

Jar Love!

 Some of the Storage Jars in my kitchen!

A Mason jar, named after John Landis Mason who first invented and patented it in 1858, is a molded glass jar used in home canning to preserve food. The jar's mouth has a screw thread on its outer perimeter to accept a metal ring. Today jars come in all shapes and sizes and are used for storage, encouragment, baking mixes 
and even lunch-box salads!

Here are some of my favorite jars...

Popcorn storage - ready to be popped!

A home for my collection of red-handled biscuit cutters.

This one holds dried peas and beans.

And here are some of my other cookie cutters.

One of my favorites - this one stores cupcake papers - in 3 different sizes!

Image result for encouragement jars

Encouragement Jars or "Happy Jars" can be filled with scripture verses, 
sweet sayings or love notes!

cookie-mixes-2.jpg (463×310)

There are all kinds of "cookie mix in-a-jar" jars!

Image result for salad in a jar

And the latest craze - salad in a jar!

I love Jars - and I have a hard time resisting them whenever I see them at
 garage sales or thrift stores.
 I use them for all sorts of things including many gift ideas!

Jars + Baskets - two of my favorite things!

What's your favorite way to use a jar?

Stay Cozy,
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