January 14, 2020

Rainbow Storage...

 I came upon these lovely storage boxes while perusing by local thrift store.

And at only $2...I couldn't resist.

 I must say...it was a bit therapeutic putting 
them together!

September 17, 2019

This happened...

So sorry to have been away for so long...but I became a grandma - yes I have been busy "grandmaing"!

 This beautiful daughter of ours and our wonderful son-in-law gave us the most cherished gift we could ever imagine...
our little boy Van...born 2 weeks early and perfect in every way.

 He was welcomed by all our other kids...lots of aunts and a uncles to make him feel so special!

And of course our lives will be forever blessed...

Now how about some suggestions for "Grandma names???"

I am thinking maybe "Gigi" - what do you think?
Staying Very Cozy,

July 24, 2019

She's getting ready to pop...

 This girl is having a baby...and I am going to be a Grandma!

 All these wonderful people celebrated the pending birth...including...

 Her three sisters and me (her twin sister is on the right).

 The afternoon was filled with yummy food...

Fun Photos...
 (that is daddy-to-be on the left and my daughter, Shannon is on the right)
"hospital pictures"
That's the new baby in the black + white photos! 

Sweet Treats...

 Games and Prizes... 

Favors to take home...

and of course loads of fabulous gifts...
Six more weeks and we will know if it is a boy or a girl!

I'll keep you posted!

Stay Cozy, 

July 17, 2019

A little country drive...

As we drove out in the county this past weekend (only 20 mins. from our home)
we came across this wonderful little cafe called the
"Butteville Store"

Homemade goodies were waiting at the counter...
as well as soup and sandwiches.

Sitting on the porch was definitely our choice in the lovely weather.

 We will save the inside for the rainy weather.

 The ride home didn't disappoint with the spectacular views from our car window.
That is Mt Hood in the distance.

And loads of lavendar this time of year.

Stay Cozy,

July 3, 2019

Unexpected treats...

An early "4th of July" treat from a sweet co-worker at the office.
The tart was especially delicious.
She even brought us patriotic plates and napkins.

Touched by a kind heart today...hope you are too.

Staying Cozy,

May 23, 2019

A "make-do" makeover... (gotta read to the end)

When the economy "tanked" and we took a huge financial hit...
we had to (were fortunate to be able to) move from our home to
 a townhouse (long story!) 

Anyway it wasn't very big and the kitchen didn't have any kind of pantry. 

Let me start by saying - I am an "organizer" - It is in my blood!

I love to change things around - make a space feel new - and especially organize. (Just ask my family haha)

That being said - if you are finding yourself low on space -
 by choice or otherwise - think outside the box -
 like I did back then and still do of course!

This cupboard - previously used in one of our daughter's bedrooms
 for clothes etc., became my...

Baking Pantry!

We ust added a few shelves and it transformed into my baking pantry!

Hidden from everyone unless you happend to open the door (haha)
It was perfect for all my flour, sugar, grains, cereal, etc. 
Even a drawer for my cake decorating supplies. 

(How do you like all that wonderful Tupperware?)

As for the regular pantry - well that was non-existant too...
So, true to form, I took over the coat closet for that.


Oh..."where did the coats go?", you ask...they went in the garage....


♥You make-do when you have too ♥

Oh...and by the way - 4 years later when we sold the townhouse and were able to move into our current home...the buyer wanted to know if we would include one thing in the sale - yes - you got it - that cupboard! 

She even paid me $300 for it!

Stay Cozy gals,

May 20, 2019

Bonjour mouli-julienne!

 I couldn't resist this item at a thrift store recently. 
It's was made in France and this version came out in the '70's.

 Do you think this is a redundant tool if you already have a 
modern day food processor?
 I have a mandoline too - but I could not pass up this adorable
 orange French kitchen tool! 
 It is sooo retro! 

 It looks like a metal three legged creature to me. 
To use it, the round rotary cutting blade of choice is inserted, 
the crank is dropped in to hold it in place,
 the item to be ground up is dropped into the hopper-- be it carrots,
 cabbage or cheddar cheese—the lid goes down and
 the crank is turned. 
Voila, out the bottom comes perfectly shredded or
 sliced bits and bites. 

I will probaly end up selling it - they go for $25-$35  - 
but I have to try it out first.

Does anyone else have one of these beauties?

Stay Cozy,

April 15, 2019

World Market Treasures...

I found these wonderful Easter decorations at my local thrift store.

They are all originally from World Market.

Aren't these "faux" nutcrackers adorable?
I need to get decorating...

Stay Cozy,

April 11, 2019

72 candles...

This is what the cake looks like when your friend turns 72 and 
his wife decides she will adorn it with all 72 candles!

And he blew out every one of them!
 ~Good Job and Happy Birthday Fernando!~

It took three of us to light the candles and the
icing nearly melted off the cake - but what fun!

Stay Cozy,
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