February 12, 2019

What's Your Valentine Fortune?

DIY Paper Fortune Cookies are easy to make and fun to receive!
I have made them for Valentine's Day and other occasions as well...

All it takes is some fun colored paper  - solids or prints - some glue, 
scissors and some homemade fortunes...

Here is a great link with directions and free printables for the fortunes:

Have fun!


January 29, 2019

Goodbye Starbucks - Hello Instant Pot...

Have you tried these egg bites at Starbucks - 
they cost over $4 for only 2! 

 Easy Instant Pot Egg Bites - Make them yourself.


I used only 4 ingredients - chopped broccoli ( blanched), eggs,
 chopped onion and a little milk ( I used almond milk).
The best part about these Instant Pot Sous Vide Egg Bites is that they’re
totally customizable - add what you like...you can even use just the whites. 

I used my 6 qt Instant Pot to make these Sous Vide Egg Bites.

I found some baby food silicone trays at my thrift store for 99 cents that 
fit perfectly inside the Instant Pot, one on top of the other...
the first one placed on the trivet that comes with the Instant Pot. 

I set the Instant Pot to STEAM for 8 minutes. The egg bites were perfectly cooked. It will take about 3-4 minutes for the pressure to build, and then the countdown timer will begin. After the time is up, let the pressure release naturally  before removing the egg bites from the Instant Pot. 
 That's about 1/2 hour from start to finish!

 Heat them in the microwave for 30 secs. for a quick breakfast
 or wrap them up and take them with you for lunch.
You can freeze them too.  

Stay Cozy,

January 23, 2019

Fiestaware Downsizing...

Over the years, I have accumulated alot of Fiestaware.
With a family of 7 ...and the comings and goings of friends
 and relatives...I used it all the time.

Sometimes I would decide to set the table using only 3 colors...
other times...I would use a rainbow of colors.
 I had the option of using different colors for different occasions.

Well I have decided it is time to downsize my collection.
I will keep the colors that work best for my color scheme and sell the others. 

The pieces have been carefully washed and are ready to list.
(there's even more not shown in photo)

I will most likely use  "Facebook Marketplace" or my local
neighborhood "Beg, Barter, Sell" to sell them.

I'm not feeling the whole packing + shipping on ebay or etsy.
(I have done lots of that!)

So heavy and breakable - a challenge to pack and hope it arrives 
to its new home safely!   We'll see??
(Any suggestion would be appreciated.)

Wish me luck...
regardless of what avenue I use to sell...
it will be a chore.

Staying Cozy,
(and hope you are too.)

January 21, 2019

"Jenny Can Cook" ...and you can too...

Homemade bread right out of the oven is sooo yummy.
And what a perfect time of year for baking.

Remember the Jenny Jones show?


Jenny had a very popular talk show for 10 years,
"Always relaxing on the weekends", she said, by cooking!
Jenny was also a talented comedian, singer and a drummer.

In fact, in 1986 Jenny appeared on TV’s Star Search
 winning the comedy grand prize!

Since retiring...Jenny started a cooking blog filled with many 
wonderful recipes and videos.
 Jenny says her father was the cook in the family, 
sparking her lifelong interest in cooking.

Jenny Can Cook

She is routinely approached by companies who would 
like to advertise on her site or pay her for endorsements
 but she always declines. “I am not here to make money,” 
says Jenny. “l simply love to cook and my only goal is
 to share what I love and to motivate more people 
to cook at home. 
It’s one more way I can give back.”

In 2013, Jenny requested and was given permission from
 her publisher to share all of the recipes in 
her cookbook for free on her website!

Jenny Can Cook (her website)

This no knead bread recipe is just one of them...
and it is a cinch!

I baked some for my hubby and I yesterday...
and enjoyed some yummy toast this morning!

Thank you, Jenny!

Happy Baking,

January 20, 2019

Jumpin' Java...

Playing games with a large group or even just two can really be food for the soul.
 And some games are more fun to play just because they are so darn cute...

Like this one.... Jumpin' Java
I mean the little cups and saucers...and the wooden box!

It's almost as much fun sitting on the shelf as it is to play!
But don't let your games just get dusty sitting on a shelf.

Reach out and invite someone over for "Game Night" or "Afternoon Cards".

Remember how much fun Lucy and Ethel had at the card table!
They just set up the table in the living room of their New York apartment,
nothing fancy, and had a ball playing cards, catching up and laughing.

Last night we played a game of "Gimme 5" with some dear friends.
It was an old game my friend, Peggy found when cleaning out her mother's
 home last summer.

There were just four of us...chilled wine and some chips + dip.

We LaUgHeD so much our sides ached!

And you know what they say,
"Laughter is the best medicine!"

It really is...so grab a board game or a deck of cards and
 invite someone over.

You certainly won't regret it...it's even good for your abs!

Stay Cozy and have a good laugh today.
♥ Carrie 

January 16, 2019

It's as clear as the nose on your face...

Well it was clear to me when I saw this silly little guy on the shelf at
 my local thrift store - he had to come home with me 
and join my other kitchen gadgets.

Seriously ...cute....

A Pinocchino Funnel!

With his darling smile and his rosie cheeks...

I just could not pass him up.

 “Now, remember, Pinocchio, be a good boy. 
And always let your conscience (or your nose) be your guide.”

Stay Cozy, 

January 14, 2019

Pretty in Pink...

I picked up this perfectly beautiful pinecone on my walk this morning. 

Isn't it gorgeous?  It truly needs nothing else but its natural beauty....

What shall I do with it?

Perhaps make a succulent garden?

That would be beautiful...but I am not sure it would work for this type of pinecone.

So how about a Valentine Pinecone?
What do you think?

Pretty in Pink and ready to decorate.

Pinecones aren't just for the Christmas holiday season...
Voila - some easy pink touches!

Stay Cozy, 

January 10, 2019

I'm a Basket Case...

Baskets can be difficult to store.
There are so many shapes and sizes...
I keep a variety of baskets on hand to use for
 gift baskets I put together for friends and clients,
to transport baked goods to and from places
or to hold supplies I need to carry somewhere.

But where do you keep them???

I strung this chain across the wall in front of my
craftroom window and use hooks to store my baskets
up and out of the way!

My baskets are right there, in plain sight, where I can
choose and grab the one I need. 

How about you? Any ideas for "basket storage"?

Stay Cozy,

January 2, 2019

Sliver Slippers...

I am rocking in my New Year by wearing these silver sneakers!
When I saw them on the shelf at the store - I just couldn't resist!
They called out to me.

As soon as I put them on I knew I made the right decision.
Instantly they put a skip in my step, a bounce to my walk and a smile on my face!

Every time I looked down and spotted the glittery glow from the shiny silver I felt just a little bit lighter....a little bit brighter...and a little bit happier.

Oh I know - they are just shoes you say?

Well just think what Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers did for her...and how about Cinderella's Glass Pumps? In literature a great pair of shoes can take on magical powers for the women who wear them... shoes are often transformative not just because they're made of glass or rubies: they’re a symbolic means through which women find grounding in the world, and have their lives changed, for better or worse.

I already have my prince and there really is no place like home...but trying something new,
even a little something like sporting a pair of silver sneakers can be a bit transforming
and could actually lead to a new discovery about yourself!

Go ahead - give somethig new a try.

Perhaps tromorrow I will have ice cream for breakfast  :)

Related image

Stay Cozy, 

December 28, 2018

Is it over?

Christmas has come and gone - ever so quickly! 

 The stockings were hung and eventually filled and emptied!

A new handcarved Santa was received with open arms -
and is now safely tucked away with the others for next year.

The tree was of course erected and then...

...beautifully decorated and adorned with shiny ornaments and gifts!

 The mantel was strewn with garland and tinsel...

... and delicious gifts arrived from near and far.
It can seem a bit melancholy to have it end...the day after Christmas can
 hang in the air with anticipation unfulfilled...

But looking back over the days before Christmas and the special day itself...
all the preparations and the list making, the shopping and gift wrapping,
 the card sending and food baking....what I cherished most was the time...
the time stamped with love and spent with friends and family...
attending Christmas Eve Candlelight Service where we worshiped together with songs and praises, dropping by a friend's house and surprising him with some Christmas company, sipping a Mimosa while I watched my grown up kids laugh and smile as they played with a silly toy....and seeing the joy on my husband's face while his eyes filled with pride and gratitude to see how his children have become real blessings to us and to the world. 

There is no need to be heavyhearted...
Christmas is not just on December 25th...

Christmas is celebrating the Love that came into the world through the birth of our Savior and being grateful for the sacrifice He made for us - every day can be Christmas - if we remember to show that same love to those around us by spending time with those we love and reaching out to those we don't love so much, surprising someone who needs a little boost, sharing a smile with a stranger and remembering to be grateful for what we have been given today and always!

Merry Christmas Today and Every Day,


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