September 13, 2021

Oh where did summer go....

 The geraniums will soon be gone - I will enjoy them until they are no longer
- and then replace them with some fall mums.

These hanging blooms are pouring out their last foliage.

I will miss the sunny mornings out on the back deck.

The ever bountiful Hostas...

...and more.

But the joy they will return next Spring in all their glory creates
 much hope and joy.

Thank you God that we can always have hope in you and can see a glimpse of
 that hope through your wonderous creation!

Stay Cozy,


April 28, 2021

Tin Can Creations...

 Been busy creating these "sardine can" creations...
What do you think?


 Staying Cozy,


March 12, 2021

Snow ready...



 This little bundle of joy was getting ready to enjoy some recent snow we had here in Oregon!

Except for the loss of power for 4 days due to the ice...

I always love the snow!

Our little grandson, Van is 18 months fun!

Stay Cozy, 


February 24, 2021

A Lucky Shamrock Creation...

Getting ready to celebrate St.Patrick's Day!

 I had fUN creating this hanging decor piece!

"May each petal of the shamrock bring its' blessing your way...

good health, good luck, and happiness for today and every day."

                                 Stay Cozy,


February 12, 2021

Why you been gone so long?

There is no excuse for my long we all know it's been a crazy time for us all ! My hope is to return to my blog posting - as I have always adored the friends I have met, the lovely words of encouragement I have received and the inspiration and creativity I have witnessed from so many of you ♥ 

I realize that many have shifted over to facebook or instagram or other social sharing venues - but there is just something so personal and special about our individual blogs. I realize the time it takes to visit blogs and leave comments, etc....but the idea is not to make it an added burden to our lives - but to use it in the way that works best for ourselves - and have it be an avenue of joy and encouragement and perhaps at times....a place to share in one's challenges as well.

Here's a toast to those that have managed to continue blogging without a break...Bravo!

And here's to those like me that might be trying to make a "comeback"!

 See the source image

Still Staying Cozy,


July 11, 2020

Grandma's Brag Book...

I know they are all adorable of course...but isn't he just adorable! 

My first grandbaby...little Van!

 I can't believe he will be one year old next month!

I am certainly feeling blessed today!

Stay Cozy, 

July 6, 2020

A "new normal" 4th of July!

I truly hope you all had a very lovely 4th of July!

Independence Day has always been my favorite holiday...getting together with friends and family with no obligations of gifts or expectations...a time to share the gift of ourselves with one another. Oh how I missed that this year. With the threat of Covid lurking behind every corner and with its' increasing intensity and vulnerability being blasted from the rooftops - it was only my husband and I this holiday. And although I know that should have been enough and we should both be so grateful for the continued health of ourselves, our friends and our loved ones - my heart still longed for that "new normal" which quietly echoes through the land to be our "old normal".

Please don't scold me for wanting things to feel familiar once again...I know each day brings changes, many of them much better for us all...and I am one to usually embrace change...but maybe just today I long for yesterday...I yearn for what was..I miss what felt like a comfy pillow sweetly cradling my head in just the right way.

Then again, what's so great about normal anyway - a normal temperature? That's good. A normal medical diagnosis? Fantastic! But a return to normal life...hmmm? What about all the times our "normal" did shift? Our moves to other cities and towns - which led to the houses we transformed into cozy homes. The unexpected changes that struck without warning - pushing us to embrace their challenges and opportunities for renewal.

Yes - it was often hard - darn hard! But along with the pain came much needed life lessons - bearing skills we gained in order to survive and even thrive. It's time...time to put these skills to work once again. Time to open that dusty trunk where these treasures have been so safely packed away pulling out all that valuable experience and ingenuity once again!

A "new normal"? Perhaps my "new normal" is actually a gift - a gift to myself - another time to re-set and re-shape my life. A season of graceful refinement. 

My holiday was different this year...and  these changes for us all will most likely continue for some time. But I am going to do my best to keep that trunk of mine unpacked so I can readily draw on those gifts I have been given to use each day. I will lean on God to direct me to what will be not my "new normal" - but my "new exceptional life". 

I'm trying,

June 29, 2020

Everday can be a party...

The showering of confetti signifies the blessing of all good things: 
on a couple at a wedding, a graduate upon their achievement 
or someone celebrating their birthday!

To me...throwing around kindness like confetti means to
shower those around you with an abundance of kindness and good wishes
for no reason at all!

So gather up some virtual confetti today...
and shower it wherever you go!

Stay Cozy and covered in Confetti,

February 1, 2020

My 16 year old alter-ego...

If only I was born on February 29th - I would be 16 yrs old!  LOL

Oops - did I just give away my age?

Even though the standard calendar year is 365 days, the Earth actually takes 365 days 5 hours 48 minutes and 46 seconds to go completely around the sun. In order to keep the calendar cycle synchronized with the seasons, one extra day is (usually) added every four years as February 29th.

Consider doing something fun this leap year to celebrate.

You could write a letter to yourself to be opened four years later on the next 
 Leap year.

Make some yummy frog inspired treats.

Leap day 3
You could make some "Leap Year" bookmarks to give to your friends...
Or enjoy a cup of "green tea" in the morning...

But by all means do something to celebrate this leap year ...
or you will have to wait four more years! 

Happy Leap Year! 


January 31, 2020

Trends from the past...

I picked up this wonderful book the other day...dated 1961.
What do you think of the styles back then?

 Hard to imagine decorating like this these days...
perhaps there are small touches we can use...
but remember everything old is new again!

Stay Cozy,

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