December 30, 2008

Getting Ready for the New Year!

One more day to go before we ring in 2009! Hmmm....what will I do differently? What kind of changes should I make? Should I make any New Years Resolutions? And then it hit me...God knows best. He knows exactly what direction my life needs to be heading. In this game of life...only one coach will do. Jesus...make Him my life coach! Make the Bible my playbook. Of is so clear. We all want someone who will save us time, give us new ideas, connect with us on a personal level and walk us through our journey. That is the only resolution I must make...rely on God for EVERYTHING...not just parts of my life, not just the things I feel comfortable in letting go...but my entire life...give it all to Him. Only then will I have true joy, real freedom and an authentic life. Living a life for Jesus, striving to be more like Him everyday ands loving God and others more than myself...that is my New Years Resolution for 2009!

Happy New Year,

December 22, 2008

The Snow Keeps Falling!

It snowed steadily all night and we awoke to about 6 more inches of fluffy snow on top of the ice!
It is so beautiful but very cold....25 degrees all day today! We lost all power at our house around 3pm so we ventured out to the mall, believe it or not, but many of the stores were closed. The driving was very slow and icy...but we were able to do a little Christmas shopping. No one in my family had to go to work. Many of our friends and business associates are stranded outside of Oregon and can't get home...some not even before Christmas! Luckily our power returned at 7:30 and we are back & sound. What an adventure!

December 21, 2008

Trying to Stay Cozy...

We have had a week of snow and now ice. Portland is pretty well "snowed in" or better yet "iced in"! We had an inch of ice on top of 8-10" of snow last night, so we have been officially closed down. Most flights were cancelled. Bus routes halted and very few trains! But it is beautiful and fun to just slow down and enjoy each others company. Michael has four-wheel drive so we were able to get out and get our daughters home safely...Hope you are taking time out from the "Christmas Rush" to spend some time with your family and friends too.

December 17, 2008

A New Day...a new blog...

We are having a wonderful snow storm this week. Can you see my tree?

Santa & Rudolph seem to feel right at home in our "Arctic Blast"

A view from my porch...brrr!

Hi everyone...welcome to my new blog. I am looking forward to keeping you up-to-date with my ongoing craft projects, home decor, cooking and baking...and so much more! I will link this blog to my etsy and ebay sites as I continue to sell vintage and original creations. I hope you will find this to be a cozy place to put on your slippers and hang out for a few minutes each day. I will be honored to have you!

We are having a winter storm this week, and it isn't even winter yet! It has been snowing (off and on) since Sunday morning. The temperatures are below freezing and are expected to remain that way until next week! More snow today and a new storm coming in Sunday, Monday and Tuesday! I love it...definitely feels like Christmas! School has been cancelled since Monday. Think I will put on my boots and go for a walk (maybe just to the mailbox).
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