December 10, 2009

My Heart is Full...

My Birthday started out with this most generous and fabulous gift from my husband.

When I opened this bag from Nordstrom...this was hiding inside!

Needless to say...I was quite surprised.
My hubby knows how much I love purses (they are like jewelry to me!)
This new Burberry Handbag is just scrumptious!
I love it, honey!

Inside the purse was a gift certificate for a "Manicure & Pedicure" at my favorite salon, a gift card to Starbucks and another one for Border's Bookstore!

I felt like a "Princess"!

Then we headed off for our adventure...

First things first....I had to get my free Starbucks cup of Coffee!
Every year I go to Starbucks and tell them it is my birthday and they give me a drink for free!
Thanks Starbucks!
(Well...they get enough of my money the rest of the year)

The we began our drive to Camas, Washington.
It was a gorgeous drive...not a cloud in the sky, snow on the mountains and a chill (18 degrees when we started out) in the air!

Camas has such a quaint downtown...with darling shops and restaurants.

This is their "Old Time Theater" with the town Christmas Tree!

Our final destination was "Camas Antiques"!
I have been wanting to visit this lovely shop ever since I heard about it from a fellow blogger .

It is a wonderful place, filled with Vintage & New Lovelies!

Christmas is in "full bloom"....complete with a sweet little Christmas tree with edible sugar cookie ornaments from a local baker...I believe I ate three of them!

I was so excited when I came across the booth of my new blogging friend, Tracey, from Notes from a Cottage Industry. Tracey has recently moved to Washington and she has opened her own booth here!
You must go visit her blog and hear her story! She is so talented and sweet!
Her journey is inspiring!
Your spot is lovely, Tracey! Congratulations on your new venture!

Macaroni Grill in Downtown, Portland was enjoy appetizers with my daughter, Grace who goes to school, works and lives downtown!

Our next stop was "Sushi Train" with the rest of my kids...where I was presented
with a special birthday sushi platter...on the house!

We ended the evening at the home of my twin daughters where my favorite dessert (especially at this time of year) "Cranberry Bliss Bar" from Starbucks was awaiting us along with streamers, decorations, my niece and her fiance, even more gifts, hot cider and much laughter!

I have the best family ever...and feel extremely blessed!
My birthday could not have been any better!

The icing on the cake was returning home to all of your kind thoughts and wishes waiting for me on my blog...I truly savored each one!

My sincere thanks to everyone. My heart is full!


Deborah said...

What a sweet, thoughtful hubby! Someone give that man a medal! You most certainly had the most fabulouso birthday ever! Good for you! **kisskiss** Deb

Catherine said...

waoh! such a lovely bag !and a nice day too! your lucky.Wish you a good day!catherine

Love the Decor! said...

What a special day from your hubby!! (way to go hubs)
Happy happy Birthday to you!!

Lori said...

Carrie, that sounds like a wonderful birthday!!! i love the pics of your trip to that wonderful looks like it is filled to bursting with all sorts of yummy, lovely goodies!!!

Nezzy said...

Your Hubby is definitely a keeper! I'm so glad he got to spoil you a bit. Thanks for taking us along on your gorgeous drive.

You have yourself one terrifically blessed day!!!

Blondie's Journal said...


Love, love the purse!! You have a lovely husband! And it sounds like your day was just magical. Would love to visit the wonderful shop...I have things picked out already!!

Happy Birthday!! :-)


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like your day was the best! Great pictures! Twyla

Teresa said...

Hi Birthday Girl!
Well I was grinning from ear to ear as I read all about your wonderful birthday!
Sounds like you have a special hubby like my greg...such a luxury!
The bag is just lovely...and to have goodies so unique to things that YOU love is just too neat!
Your birthday trip sounded fabulous!
I thought I was going to pass out when I caught a glimpse of that antique store in Camas!
Where the heck is Camas?
I am going...NOW!!!
Delighted you got to celebrate with everyone...and the cake from Starbucks...oh me!
Happy Bday Sweetie!

vivian said...

a perfect birthday! sounds like you are truely blessed with a thoughful family!

debi said...

WOW!! What a wonderful birthday adventure that was! What a sweet hubby and family you have!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

WOW! What an amazing birthday! I love your new handbag...that's my favorite gift, too! And the whole day sounded divine! How sweet your family is to treat you so special! Enjoy! And happy holidays!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Happy Birthday, Carrie! I was out of the loop for a few days, and look what I miss! That handbag is to DIE for!!! I am envious with every gift-we would be the best of friends if we lived closer...A pedicure....there is no better treat!

Diane said...

WOW that little sneak! What a darling Handbag, and I know you will enjoy it. A great addition to your collection. Big hug to the family for all the love they shared, sorry I missed it Hugs & Kisses, Diane

Country Dreaming said...

What a spectacular day for you.
Lots of love and fun. Your hubby is a smart one. Lucky you!

Glad you had fun.


Just a little something from Judy said...

I'm so sorry that I missed your birthday, and what a birthday it was! The purse is gorgeous! What a guy! The day sounds perfect to me, and I love that you shared pictures of it with us. How blessed you are to be surrounded by family who truly love you. I wish you many more special years of life. I did not realize how close to the same age we are. Again, Happy Birthday my young friend!

Amy said...

A wonderful birthday indeed!!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I loved Camas...haven't been there since its washougal too..glad you had a wonderful birthday..:) and many more..

Joy said...

Wow, you were treated like a Queen. Good for you and happy belated bday. Love the purse and have fun with your gift cards. Do you know what books you want to buy?

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

It sounds like you had the perfect day...all the things that you love most in the world all rolled into one fabulous day! Happy belated birthday!


Betty said...

What a thoughtful husband...I, too, like burberry plaid...

Macaroni Grill is a favorite place of ours...

We have twin granddaughters...such a blessing.

So Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!

Just Breathe said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Wow, it sounds like it was an awesome day.
I love Macaroni Grill! Your husband did wonderful with your gifts. Nice purse!

Creative Breathing said...

The Happiest of Birthdays to you Carrie! Thanks for sharing it with us. Fun, fun, fun! Especially the purse! Elizabeth

nancygrayce said...

Oh, what a great birthday! Happy belated Birthday!

Fresh Local and Best said...

Happy belated birthday! What a wonderful way you guys celebrated!

Elyse said...

hooray for your birthday, carrie!

i love when our families make our grown-up birthdays as fun as they were when we were kids. (did that make sense?) happy times from morning 'til night. sounds like a thoughtful and amazing day!

happy happy birthday!


my current starbucks fave: raspberry sunshine muffin. mm-mmmmmm!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Happy Birthday Carrie! And what a lovely way to celebrate it with all of those lovely treats. You have such a gorgeous hometown too :)

Kim G. said...

Happy Birthday Carrie! Wow! What a great day you had! Definitely a day to remember! Your husband did a really good job! He's a keeper!

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