September 15, 2016

Way to start my day...

Cracking open an egg and finding not one but two yolks is like hitting the breakfast jackpot. Without any outside interference, the odds of getting a  double-yolker are 
about one in every thousand eggs.

 The most yolks ever found in one egg is 9!  
That’s a mighty big omelet. 

Double Yolk superstitions:

  • Pregnancy, especially with twins (for you or a loved one) I have twins does that count?
  • Someone is going to get married soon (double yolks in one shell = union of two people in marriage)  Hmmmmm
  • Plenty, good fortune – I like this one!
  • You’ll get double your expectations (good things) This is good too!
  • A death will happen in the family soon – (Norse mythology) Luckily I am not Norse!
Wishing you a Lucky "2-Yolk-Day,


Anonymous said...

That looks like one yummy breakfast! I've never found a double yolker's hoping!

Diane Mars said...

I like Silvana have never found a double yolk ever... you must be lucky..

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