January 30, 2012

~quilting with Mary Engelbreit~

This is one of my  pre-cut quilt block kits being added to my ETSY shop....

This one is made of darling  Mary Engelbreit  fabrics...

The kit includes everything you need to make (9) eight inch blocks.
Four different teapots designs make up he main center squares.

Small "cherry fabric" triangles frame the center teapot square...
and the larger triangles are the final addition to the 8" quilt block.

I have taken care of the tedious cutting and measuring part of quilt making.
You can just get on with the fun piecing together of the pre-cut blocks!

More fun blocks to come...
Stay Cozy, Carrie

January 27, 2012

~~A Pink Toy for Me~~

 I can't wait to try out my new vertical food stacker...

 Hearts...just in time for Valentine's Day...

Oh the possibilities...

~stay cozy~

January 24, 2012

~a vintage birthday~

 Vintage candles...a puzzle cake,
Just put it together... no need to bake.

Candle holders from long ago
Ballerinas make the party glow..

Sweet decorations from way back when...
Make it special once again!

Happy Birthday to my niece, Meagan! 

(you are hardly vintage) 

Stay Cozy, Carrie

January 17, 2012

~ in the pink ~

It is so much fun to craft with pink....

hmmm...what shall I create?

Happy Pink Crafting,

January 12, 2012

Collectible Yellow.....

The sun was shining on my Vintage Finds today....

Yellow was in abundance...

Bright Daisy Yellow Metal Canisters...

...a golden yellow cake carrier...

...and a darling lemon yellow juice pitcher!

It was a truly mellow yellow kind of day!

Stay Cozy,

January 10, 2012

Tasty Tuesday...

I am joining "Tasty Tuesday" over at
33 Shades of Green 
to bring you my Tuesday Night dinner...

Pan Sauteed Chicken Breast on a bed of 
fresh spinach with tomato risotto!

 A quick & tasty dinner...
so I can get back into my craft room!

Stay Cozy,

January 9, 2012

Delicious Vitalicious!

Have you ever tried Muffin Tops from Vitalicious?
They are fabulous !
I have been purchasing them online for years
I eat the chocolate ones right out of the freezer!
Now they are also available in many stores including my local Target!
But recently I purchase their muffin mix online!

.... it came with one of their silicone pans 
for making the vita tops right at home!

They came out perfectly...and I have 12 okay 11(had to eat a warm one) of them in my freezer for a 
chocolate satisfying low calorie healthy snack!

All Vitalicious products are Kosher certified and all natural with no
artificial additives or preservatives.
The deep chocolate VitaTops are made with real cocoa, egg whites, chocolate chips, 
whole wheat  & organic sugar.
Each muffin top contains 100 calories, 1.5g fat, 
and a whopping 9 g fiber!

They come in a variety of delicious flavors...I have tried many of them...
and Vitalicious offers many other delicious products too.

*I am not getting paid by Vitalicious in any way for this endorsement...
I simply love their company, customer service and of course their products*

Give them a try!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

January 8, 2012

1950's mayonnaise making...

So this was the way to make homemade Mayonnaise....
back in the day...

 I  found this Vintage Wesson Oil Mayonnaise maker
during my "saturday thrifting"
So cool ~ The recipe is embossed right on the jar...

~an egg, 2 tbls. lemon juice or vinegar, a teaspoon each
mustard, salt,sugar and a dash of pepper
Beat in thoroughly as you pour from can
one pint Wesson oil!

Once you were done adding all the oil, your mayonnaise was finished.  
The lid was specially made so the oil would gradually drizzle down on the other
ingredients while you beat everything together.

This Vintage Find is listed in my EBAY shop!

Stay Cozy,

January 5, 2012

Melmac Magic...

Look what appeared on the shelf of my local
Vintage Store....

~ This  fabulous set of  vintage Melmac  Dishes ~
Harmony House "Talk of the Town"

The colors...the shapes... just like rainbow sherbet!
and the entire set so complete!

Cool & Cozy,

Visit lots of fun Pink Treasures at the Pink Party here!

January 3, 2012

A Post Christmas Birthday...

 Daughter ~ Gracie ~ turned 22!
Cupcakes...Capellini.......and Congratulations!

Staying Cozy,

January 1, 2012

Some New Year Prep...

 Today we worked around the house
getting ready for the new year....
  Since we are limited on space...we found a little table 
for $6.99 at the thrift store 
and set up a small office area in the living room...

 Then my husband worked outside trimming the bushes and 
shrubs for the winter season...

While I straightened up the pantry.......                                              
...and organized my extra dish/appliance 
area in the garage...                                                       

I rewarded us both with some tuna burger 
sandwiches... so we could kick off the new year 
with a healthy & delicious meal!

It felt good to get things organized....
...now I'm off to tackle my craft room!

Happy New Year!
Stay Cozy,
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