January 29, 2009

Where have I been?

Me and my grandniece, Myla!

Here I am with Myla and Dillon. Dillon refused to smile...

So sorry I have not been able to leave a post...last Wednesday I was called out of town unexpectedly and jumped on a plane the next morning. My brother is making a move to live up here in the Northwest and "long story short"...his plans were forced to be sped up rather suddenly. I am from a large family of seven brothers and sisters...so we all banded together (I am the only one that had to come from a distance) everyone else lives in close proximity to my brother, and we put together a two day garage sale in no time at all. It was a complete success and we were able to raise much needed funds for his move and get rid of all the un-needed items accumulated from years and years of life. Amazing what you find you don't need when you are pushed to pare down your belongings so quickly! I speak from experience, having moved myself 10 times in the last 14 years!

I have stayed here to help go through, organize and pack the rest of his belongings. And we have been hard at work, staying up until 4am a few nights! After I return home to Portland, my husband will be flying down to California to drive back up with my brother for the last leg of this adventure!

Despite the hard work it has been really fun too...I have been able to visit with my siblings, parents and many nieces and nephews! I have been especially blessed to spend some special moments with my grandnephew, Dillon and my little jewel grandniece, Myla! We have managed to slip in a few tea parties and puzzle making sessions in the long days of hard work! I will be heading home on Sunday...and look forward to getting back to my family. I miss them terribly!

Thanks for stopping by!
Stay Cozy,

January 20, 2009

Heaven...I'm in heaven...

Oh the joy & delight a simple little thing like a magazine can bring....You know what I'm talking about ladies...Imagine my surprise to have these four fabulous publications arrive in my mailbox in the same week! Wow...where do I start? All that Valentine pink too! ooh la la!
You just know I am going to savour them...one at a time!

I finished up a sweet little Valentine tray last night. I will be listing it in my Etsy shoppe tonight!
What do you think? The card I used is a lovely vintage find!

*Just came upon a fabulous giveaway from Hannah at Sherbet Blossom. She is a wonderful blog designer that is offering her awesome services! Go to Make and Takes to sign up to win this fantastic prize* Michelle at Chocolate and Marmalade Tea has a Valentine giveaway. Go visit her and have a chance to win a bundle of Valentine goodies.
There's another great giveaway for an apron & book set at Not Quite June Cleaver...take a look!

January 18, 2009

A Little Sunday Afternoon Shopping...

After being cooped up at home most of the week with the "bug" it felt good to get out today! I woke up feeling pretty "blah" still, but I really didn't want to miss church. I dragged myself up and got ready for the 11am service. And I was so glad I did...the message was awesome! More on that later. After church my husband and I took a trip to the local "Goodwill"...just for fun. He likes to go with me...he even gets into the "hunt" (to a certain degree)! Just wanted to share some pictures of some of my awesome finds. Enjoy!
Isn't this a great vintage afghan? It reminded me so much of growing up and my mom's house. Only $4.99

Can you believe someone would part with this quilt after all the hard work? It is 48" X 60"! Beautifully pieced and machine quilted in a roaming heart design. It is in perfect condition too!

And this little turquoise Pyrex bowl. So sweet!

Remember these Tupperware spice holders. How about those retro '70's colors?

It was a lucky day for me to find supplies too. There was this whole bag of brand new Zig Woodcraft markers (never even opened)...17 total...all for only $1.99! They are great for painting, decorating or lettering on wood.

And this 1 lb. sack of various sizes of cardstock paper. Some really nice colors....99 cents!

I am always using tulle for projects...this "mega roll" (that's 100 yards) of white tulle was only .99 cents too...awesome!

And even this Craftstor container...it's a brand new stackable tote...they sell at Michaels for like $20...it was only $2! Sure beats their 40% off coupon!
I love this neat Rubbermaid storage container. Each of the drawers rotate out to open. It stands about 14" high...perfect for all sorts of doo-dads!
And last but not least, all four of these heart buckets (5" X 8") for only 50 cents...they were the 1/2 price color of the day!

I didn't really score so much in the vintage department...but I am ready to get crafting!

Thanks for visiting, Carrie

January 14, 2009

A Blue Day...

Yesterday was my husband's birthday! I made a nice dinner for the family (steak fajitas) and
this Angel Food Birthday Cake.

This morning I woke up feeling about as "blue" as this cake...a germ crept into my house, decided that I was his victim and gave me "the bug"...ugh! I guess the only good part of it is that I have no appetite...and after all the holiday festivities that can't be bad, right?
My faithful little "Pearl" stayed by my side and kept me company....she wondered why I was staying in bed all day? Hopefully by tomorrow I will be a much lighter shade of "blue"!
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January 13, 2009

It's a "Cottage Cozy" kind of day...

Wake up college daughter...hand her coffee...
She's off to school and work.

Lunch is packed...after-school yoga clothes are remembered...bus is coming...
8th grade daughter off to middle school.

Husband kissed...wished a Happy Birthday...
off for his birthday massage!

Pod in Senseo...milk and splenda...whipped cream and pumpkin spice...
ahhh....time for latte!

Morning is not half-bad...

Hope your day started off cozy too...now off to visit my friends.
I must stop by and see Lisa, she is having Simmering Soup Week. Maybe I can get an idea for dinner. And I found a really lovely studio space when I wandered upon a "new to me" blog called
the T-cozy go visit Susan and her beautiful studio, you won't want to leave.


January 12, 2009

A Glimpse at my Studio/Office

Well I tired to take some pictures of my home studio/office. It is a very cloudy day here in Portland so it was a bit difficult with the low lighting. My studio is in the loft of the 2nd floor of our home. I have a large work table and lots and lots of built-ins for all of my supplies. It is great, because it is all open so I can view everything at once and pick and choose what I need. I have a separate desk with my computer and printer and I am lucky to have a flat screen tv that is mounted on the wall so I can watch while I am working! There is a window seat under one of the windows. A nice place to take a break and relax for a moment. There is still room for a couch, so my daughters can stop and talk and visit with me while I am creating and working. I feel very fortunate to have such a nice roomy place to call my own. There have been many years that it was the dining room table or the garage! I even have an additional bedroom, adjacent to the loft that serves as my sewing room, extra storage and my photo taking area and packing and shipping department!
My two daughters that still live at home have their bedrooms on the the other side of the loft along with their bathroom....so I am never lonely!

It's nice to have most of my supplies visible and within reach!

I have been known to sit at this window seat and watch it snow!

The window that you see here with the white blinds closed, looks out into an atrium built into the center of the house, the stairs are to the left.

Tons of built-ins for tons of storage!

January 8, 2009

A fun Valentine treat for someone you love!

It's a "Paper Valentine Cupcake"? Iced up and ready to serve!

This delicious goodie has paper curl frosting!

It is served on a vintage pedestal.

A "yummy" way to say "I Love You"!

January 7, 2009

The Valentine Bug has caught me!

The "Love Bug" has struck! I am excited to begin working on my new Valentine goodies. Once I started crafting and gathering my supplies, I noticed that many of my tools were right "in sync" with the Valentine spirit....red, white and pink! There's just something about pink that makes you feel so girlie and giggly...
I'll post my new creation tomorrow! Gotta get to work...or should I say play!
I made these "Valentine Tussie Mussies" last year for my girls! I filled them with my homemade chocolate bark.

January 2, 2009

Oh Those After Christmas Sales!

I really tried to look for items that I could use now, rather than the usual Christmas stuff that you have to store away for next year! And look what I found!

Boxed Deco Bead Chains from Borders! 50% off and each mini-garland is 16 feet long!

These beauties were from Pier 1...they are labeled "table confetti" but they are large faux diamonds that can be used in so many ways...1/2 off!

Here's my stash from Target...all for 75% off...Valentine's Day here we come!
Bows and garland...even the tape is on sale! (I stored up on that!)

I even found these hanukkah candles, perfect to use for birthdays and other celebrations throughout the year! They are larger than the regular birthday candles too...4" tall, and a box of forty four was only 62 cents! Thank you, Target!
I hope you have been able to get out and find a few post-holiday bargains too.
Now...time to get creative!
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