January 7, 2009

The Valentine Bug has caught me!

The "Love Bug" has struck! I am excited to begin working on my new Valentine goodies. Once I started crafting and gathering my supplies, I noticed that many of my tools were right "in sync" with the Valentine spirit....red, white and pink! There's just something about pink that makes you feel so girlie and giggly...
I'll post my new creation tomorrow! Gotta get to work...or should I say play!
I made these "Valentine Tussie Mussies" last year for my girls! I filled them with my homemade chocolate bark.


portlandrealestatecentral.blogspot.com said...

Love your blog...great Valentine Cornucopias!

Diane said...

Cannot wait to see your latest Creation!
Love the New Banner!

Diane said...

Wow the new Creation is So Cute what a clever idea!
Your supplies look yummy too. Stop on over and check out my latest Creations (:

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