June 29, 2010

My Housewarming Giveaways

I held a little impromptu giveaway during my recent home tour...
Everyone who stopped by on any of the tour days was entered.
There were two winners:

Mags from "The Other Side of Fifty"
Mags has some delicious recipes on her blog....stop on over and say hi!
You won my little handmade "Rags the Kitty", Mags!

And the second winner is: Leslie of "A Spoonful of..."
Leslie has a delightful blog too.
She recently took us all on her trip to the Gulf of Mexico!

Leslie won my "Rain Girl" wall Hanging!

Hope you both enjoy your gifts!
Send me your addresses so I can get them shipped to you!

Many thanks to everyone who joined me on my home tour.
You were all so kind & encouraging!
I just love my blog friends!

June 26, 2010

Summer Sewing!

Becky from Sweet Cottage Dreams inspired me recently when I caught a glimpse of 
her sewing up these darling  Peasant blouses  
 I just had to go right out to buy a pattern and fabric to make my own!
I don't know about you...
...but sitting down and sewing  just makes me feel good...
What I would love to find next is a dress form!


Voila...the finished product!
Happy Sewing! 
(did you notice that the fabric almost matches the wallpaper on my blog???)

June 23, 2010

Sweet Nothings...

~do "nothing" with a friend today~


June 19, 2010

Where Bloggers Create II...my Craft Room!

I am so excited to be a part of... Where Bloggers Create II

Please come in and browse through my crafting space that I have just completed.
in the townhome that we just recently downsized to.  
It was a challenge, but one that I was up for...
If you follow back on my other posts you can tour all the other rooms too!

Have Fun!
    Here we go...

My baskets are filled with my fabric labeled and sorted by colors!

I didn't have room for my "Pot Rack" in this smaller kitchen so I used it in here...
...it holds the baskets that I use for my gifts and crafts!

I've gotta have my ribbons close at hand...
... all it takes is an empty cabinet and some tension rods!

Jars make for excellent storage!
You don't even have to buy them...just use up your empty mayonaise and pickle jars!
Goo-gone or Goof- off help take off the labels...after a hot water soak!

I get extra storage by using this over-the-door shoe holder!
All of my tulle is handy to grab here...

My "Dolly Dressmaker" has been my sewing assistant since I was about 7 or 8 years old.
She was a gift from my Grandpa.
She used to light up and the little pictures would shift on the fabric as she stitched away.

Turntables are always a fun way to organize your pens, pencils, cutting blades, etc.
Look for them at the Thrift Store!

And of course I had to use every spare inch of the closet too!

Well I am off to visit your "wonderful spaces" too! 

June 17, 2010

Thursday Treats and Tour!

I promised you treats...and I am here to deliver.
I made my first batch of cookies in my GE Profile Convection/Microwave 
 I showed photos of this new toy on my "Kitchen Tour"!


"Cookies are the best food indeed...they do delight and give glad grins!

I am in love, girls...this is a wonderful new tool!
I made Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies...two pans at a time...
...and they turned out just beautifully.
Perfectly browned...each one!

When I was a girl my mom would always cool the cookies on a brown paper bag...
I still do that today, it absorbs the grease and makes me feel closer to my mom.
Does anyone else do this?

Cookies for now...and cookies for later!

 I didn't forget our tour...
Did you wonder where I sit at the computer visiting all of your wonderful blogs?
The hallway upstairs is just wide enough to house my desk!
The desk just fit perfectly, with plenty of room to walk through the hall!
And of course sweet little pearl is close by keeping me company!
Here is the recipe for the cookies in case you want to whip up a batch.
As you can see from the soiled page...I have made these many times!

See you tomorrow...


June 16, 2010

A peek in our Bedroom...

I am so glad you are all enjoying my home tour...
You have so encouraged me with all of your sweet comments!
Today it is our Master Bedroom.
I like to keep this room fairly simple...
there are few decorator items...
but I always include some favorite photos of my husband and I...
...to remind us of some special moments together!

Come take a look...

I guess you may have noticed the little set of stairs?
It's the only way our little papillon, Pearl, can get up!
She has her own bed too...but she loves to join us!

See you all tomorrow!
~Have a Wonderful Wednesday~

June 14, 2010

Our Tour Continues...

It's such a beautiful day...I thought we should step outside into my Patio/Garden.
Grab your cup of coffee and follow me...

It's not a very large space... the entire back area is a deck with a small garden that I have planted roses. 
Here is kind of an aerial view (from my 2nd floor bedroom window)  to give you a better idea of the size...

As I am learning very quickly....it is what you make with what you are given that counts.
We are now becoming full-fledged "Container Gardners".
Just think of the spare time we will have to explore and tackle other things....

We are finally having some "Summer-Like" weather here in Oregon...
We just had our annual Rose Festival and all the big ships came in for the occasion!
 Our city welcomes our troops with open arms during their stay with us

Parades, Festivals, Fireworks, Rides and of course Food & Wine were all part of the event!

 Thanks for stopping by to continue our tour today...
There will be more tomorrow.
I just love all of your nice comments.  You will all have a chance at my giveaways...
...so keep coming back!

Make today a new adventure!

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