June 17, 2010

Thursday Treats and Tour!

I promised you treats...and I am here to deliver.
I made my first batch of cookies in my GE Profile Convection/Microwave 
 I showed photos of this new toy on my "Kitchen Tour"!


"Cookies are the best food indeed...they do delight and give glad grins!

I am in love, girls...this is a wonderful new tool!
I made Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies...two pans at a time...
...and they turned out just beautifully.
Perfectly browned...each one!

When I was a girl my mom would always cool the cookies on a brown paper bag...
I still do that today, it absorbs the grease and makes me feel closer to my mom.
Does anyone else do this?

Cookies for now...and cookies for later!

 I didn't forget our tour...
Did you wonder where I sit at the computer visiting all of your wonderful blogs?
The hallway upstairs is just wide enough to house my desk!
The desk just fit perfectly, with plenty of room to walk through the hall!
And of course sweet little pearl is close by keeping me company!
Here is the recipe for the cookies in case you want to whip up a batch.
As you can see from the soiled page...I have made these many times!

See you tomorrow...



Eileen@My Evergreen Place said...

We had a convection oven in our RV. I too loved cooking in it! Your hallway looks like it was made for your desk. That is great how everything fits so well.
Thanks for stopping by my blog! ~Eileen :0)

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Little pearl is adorable, your sweet corner lovely and these cookies delicious! Have a happy day, Carrie. xx

Blondie's Journal said...

The cookies look great and thanks for the tip on cooling them. I like that idea!

Love your workspace. It's out of the way and looks so organized! And it sounds like you are really enjoying your new house!!


Country Dreaming said...

Those cookies look very delish!
I haven't heard of your brown bag trick--preety cool.
Your "office area" looks like a productive place. I love where Pearl's bed is.
Have a wonderful day.


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

The cookies look yummy...I could use one about now! :-)

And Pearl..oh so sweet to see her resting close to Mamma!!!

Love to see where you visit me at!

Deborah said...

I never had hear about cooling the cookies on a paper bag but it certainly makes good sense. I saw your little Fur Baby immediately. Mine share one bed right next to my computer desk too. I love how you made use of all space available. But that's why you are called a
Mental Ninja!!! **kisses** Deb

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

Yes, I use paper bags for things like cookies and for soaking up the excess oil from homemade french fries hot from the skillet.

I like your little office area in the hallway!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh I just love to see where people blog "from." :-) And your spot is just perfect. Thank you for sharing.

And now, since I never know when to stop, I'm wondering what those doors lead to? Bedrooms, I imagine...

I should be *ashamed* for being so nosy but... At 73, if I want to ask a question, I ask. -grin-

But never answer a question, which you do not want to!

Gentle hugs...

Debbie@Nanas Sweet Dreams and Memories said...

mmm..those cookies would be so so yummy right now (I am on my break at work)with a good cup of coffee.
What a great idea...cooling the cookies on the brown paper...I will have to try that sometime.
It is so special to carry on traditions.

Just Breathe said...

Thanks for the treats. I like the idea of the brown bag. Your place looks wonderful!

sweetiepie said...

Yum!!! Chocolate chip are my favorite cookies.

You have done a wonderful job decorating your new home. I have lived in my house for 28 years and I still don't have everything unpacked....lol.

Take care.

grammy said...

I loved the tour yesterday and today (o: So cozy!
I just can't bake anymore. I eat to much of it and hubby eats what I don't. There is still plenty availabe to keep the extra pounds on. So glad the oven makes you smile.

Lori said...

your cookies do look perfect Carrie...my chocolate chip cookies never turn out...they always spread way out and are too flat...no idea why...i love your stack of suitcases...very cute!!!

sandra said...

The cookies look yummy. I don't cool mine on a paper bag, but I do still so lots of things just as my mum did.
Your little office space is perfect.

Elyse said...

hey cozy one,

i didn't know that about the brown paper - cookie connection but will be sure to try that next time. or tell my husband, anyway. he's the chocolate chip cookie baker in the house! it's true and they're amazing!

looks like you have settled in so nicely! happy for you.


Mags said...

The cookies on the brown paper bag DEFINITELY reminds me of my mom. It's funny how you forget things like that.

Lisa said...

Love the cookies! Yummy smells amazing! Your work space is cool! Love the suitcases!
Hugs, Lisa

Valarie said...

Carrie....I have been on vacation, and just found a minute to take a peek at my favorite blogs. Your house is definitely looking like a home. It is just lovely. I wish I could come over for some of those yummy cookies.
xxoo Valarie

Diane said...

Carrie, that spot for your work area looks just perfect, I love the little dolls you have atop the vintage cases very sweet! Glad you cherish them oxox, Diane

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

carrie, you are just too sweet.

i have never baked cookies on brown bags, however it makes good sense.

thanks so much for sharing your sweet home with us.

love you,

Beverly @ My Sew Sweet Studio said...

Yummm, those cookies look good.
I will try your recipe. My oven has a convection setting, but don't know how to use it. We got a really good deal on it because it was a store model, but someone had taken off with the manuel.
One of these days...
What a great spot for your computer. Mine sits right next to my sewing machine.

Leslie said...

oh for cripes sake Carrie.. I can not look at those cookies and not one them!!!! Stop that! : )

I love that the hall is big enough for your computer desk.. that is awesome.
Sweet little pearl.. always near her mama.
Have a great week
enjoy those evil cookies

zandra said...

Your cookies look delish! So, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party.

animal print gal said...

The cookies, oh my gosh the cookies look so delicious!
Cute desk area too!

Just a little something from Judy said...

It is close to dinner time as I sit here taking a few minutes to visit a few blogs. Your cookies make me wish I could reach through my computer and eat one. Thanks for sharing the recipe and the brown bag tip. Makes sense to me.

Your desk area looks so cozy and comfortable. It is fun to know where you sit when you visit us.

Creative Breathing said...

Carrie, I am truly enjoying every one of your home tours! I think your new place is just lovely. I'm waiting to see the yellow cupboard you found. Was there room? Have a wonderful Father's Day celebration at your home. Elizabeth

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