April 30, 2009

Seven Things I Love...

I was given this award by my friend Viv from Viv on a Whim!
Part of the award is to mention 7 things that you love.
It's hard to stop at only seven, but I'll try. I love:

(1) My wonderful family both near and far.
(2) Perennial Plants that sprout up year after year.
(3) Grown children that still call me for advice...and not so grown children that still listen.
(4) A Life Group that prays for me.
(5) A husband that tells me I'm his prize!
(6) Real letters that arrive in the mail.
(7) My God who showers me with His love & joy!

Thank you, Viv!
I will be passing this award along to some other Kreative Bloggers too!


Lori said...

what a great list...you have much to be thankful for...have a great weekend Carrie!!!

vivian said...

I like your list! Now enjoy your weekend!!

Anonymous said...

It's nice to take a moment and think of everything we are thankful for. Nice list!

Amy said...

We're lucky we have so much to be thankful for!

koralee said...

Beautiful words...

Deborah said...

Awe, a well-deserved award! Lovely list. Happy Friday. **blows kisses**

BECKY said...

Like your list, sweetie!! God is such an amazing GIVER!! Our lists could go on and on, huh?

Have a lovely weekend!!

grammy said...

Love your seven things and I could agree with all of them (o:

Laura said...

What a wonderful list. It made me want to say ditto!

Enjoyed visiting your blog-



Patti Cakes said...

Good love list.

I'm going to try to go with John to his doctor's appointment. Something is not right.

Hope you have had good weekend. We are getting lots of rain so I'm working on my scrap room.


zoe said...

Hello there!
Nice list! Blessing you Carrie :)


Queen B. said...

Your blog is so cute...and COZY :)

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