April 9, 2009

For my future grandchildren...

When it comes to babies, who can resist making something special for them. Quilts happen to be a favorite of mine...and baby sizes are quite manageable! Here are some fabrics I have gathered togther and coordinated to make some warm & cozy quilted creations! Being a mother of 5 kids, ages 27, 24, 24, 19, and 14....I am sure the recipients of these quilts are in my future....so why not get started now? Besides I can always use them for gifts. After all, as you may have seen from an earlier post, I am one of seven children, and I have many nieces and nephews who are beginning their own families. In fact my sister, Diane of Saturday Finds...is waiting for her 5th grandchild! She hit the jackpot with 4 little ones being born in the past year and a half!

The "cowboy" print is a vintage flannel fabric I have had stashed away!

Not your typical "baby pastels"....something different.
Hmmmm...do you think there are some baby boys on the horizon!

This is a "Rag Quilt" that I have already finished...it is waiting for it's new owner...?
It is an all-flannel quilt...cozy!

What do you have in the works? If you are like me, I am sure you have many projects.
In the "Quilting Community" they are called UFO's (Unfinished Objects)
I have many UFO's flying around my craft room! Maybe I should try to finish 2 or 3 projects before I start a new one? hmmm What a novel idea!


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I love making little baby quilts for friends and family. I made my first when my son was born...he's eight and still sleeps with it! There's just something special about a homemade quilt...love your fabrics!


Kelly said...

Yes, there are many projects in progress - a couple nearly finished and so much more in line. How does this happen? The baby quilt is great and I love that vintage cowboy fabric! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Lori said...

Carrie, what a great fabric stash...your little rag quilt is adorable!!! i never saw one of those before, the fringes look so sweet:)

Craftpassion said...

Your grandchild will love you rag quilt, rubbing against the raffles makes them fall asleep faster :)
I wish to make some quilt blankets for my kids, they are 6 year-old and 6 month-old. By the time I start and finish them, they grow big enough for the blankets to cover them :p

sweetiepie said...

That is a nice collection of fabrics. They will make a great quilt.

The rag quilt is simply beautiful. I love flannel fabric....sooo soft. Thanks for sharing.

Judanna said...

Thank you for visiting and yes I feel much better today.
Oh my, how I love to quilt and it has been years since I set up the frames. My daughter is talking about setting them up at her house.
She has a quilt top that my mother made. I think it will be fun to drop in, sit down and put in a few stitches. Your colors are beautiful. Can't wait to see them put together. Have a blessed Easter! ^j^

Diane said...

I love that Rag Quilt very charming choice of fabrics, and the vintage flannel is darling, what fun to gather different fabrics together to make one sweet creation. Cannot wait to see your next Creation.
Hugs & Kisses, Sis

My Cottage Dream said...

I have lots of UFO's!!
I am thrilled about the Grandbaby I can hardley wait!!
Kaden is due May 13th.
He will be spoiled im sure!! Im going to be there when he is born and I just know its going to be amazing.
Thank you for stopping by keep in touch, Sabrina
Have a wonderful Easter weekend!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh my goodness...your rag quilt is just as precious as can be. I bet it is super soft, too.

I have plenty of UFO's, too....as well as too much fabric!

You are going to be one busy gal!! How wonderful to have a large family, too. I bet that your family get-togethers are wonderful.

Happy Easter!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Flannel quilts are the perfect welcome gift for little ones!! Wow - your sister is so lucky having so many grandchildren arrive in such a short time!


Hi Carrie,
I also have MANY UFO'S....what's a girl to do? I go from one project to another...maybe a list would help?!
Deb :)

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

I love vintage fabrics too. What great finds.

Happy Easter!

zoe said...

You such a loving person and these fabric are just so cute and i love vintage so much too:*

Happy Easter!

disa said...

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