October 19, 2009

Food and Frolic!

Every Sunday Night we host
"Family Dinner & Game Night"

Since four of our five children live on their own now, we thought it was a good way to get everyone together at least once a week. As the months have passed, it has become an Open House to include any other friends and relatives that want to join us! Some weeks there are 6 of us and other weeks there are 20 or more! It averages about 10-12 each time. The cooking is generally up to me, although many have participated in taking on the role of chef! I enjoy looking for new recipes that can serve our large group.

This week it was "Lasagna Roll-ups with Homemade Meatballs"
Dessert was "Cheesy Lemon Bars" and our game was "Apples to Apples"

We all had a wonderful time together.
Remember you're always welcome too!

Ingredients include: Low Fat Ricotta Cheese, Parmesan cheese, eggs, oregano, basil and lasagna noodles. (I think I'll add spinach next time)

Combine 1 container ricotta cheese, 2 tbl. oregano, 2 tbl. basil, 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese and one egg. Salt & Pepper can be added if desired.

Spoon a thin layer of the cheese mixture onto each cooked noodle.

Roll each noodle and secure with a wooden toothpick.

Place the rolls side by side in a lightly oil sprayed pan.

Pour prepared pasta sauce on top of each roll and sprinkle with more Parmesan cheese.
Bake for about 25 mins. at 375 degrees.

One box of noodles made 20 roll-ups. I served two per person with two large homemade meatballs and some broccoli and that was enough even for my big eaters. They are filling!
I also used the premade pizza dough from my Eesy-Peasy Pizza Post and made it into a crispy flatbread. I just rubbed the dough with olive oil and added some herbs and a little more Parmesan. The perfect addition to the meal.

Bon Appetit!


Lori said...

sounds like a great time Carrie!!! have you played "phase 10"...it's a card game for up to 6 players...but if you got two decks you could double that...that is one of our favorite games...another fav is "rummikub"

Ruby Red Slippers said...

What a fun night!!!
And Apples to Apples is so much fun!
(Dinner sounds so good too-Can you fit a few more in???) :)

Love the Decor! said...

Looks so good!
We like to play a dice game called Fill or Bust
we also love apples to apples.
Another favorite is Loaded Questions
it can be adapted to a larger group pretty easily.

grace said...

oh momma.

you need to teach me how to cook like you. i'm getting sick of the 6 recipes i know.

Catherine said...

it looks good , i'm going to try this week!thank you for the recipe. Have a good day. catherine

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

What a wonderful time this must be!
Thanks for sharing, looks yummy!

Chow and Chatter said...

oh wow these look great and what a fun way to spend a saturday night lol

Jhonny walker said...

I agree with rebecca...what a fun way ..and how exclusive these look too-- to spend a saturday night. Very creative. Very very nice!

Jane (Frugal Fine Living) said...

How awesome you and your grown children can get together once a week to share a meal!

These look awesome! I've never seen them before, but I want to try making them. Thanks for the recipe.

Feel free to contact me whenever you're ready for your menu bar.


Just Breathe said...

Getting together each week is awesome. If we did that it would be pizza night. I only do the holiday meals now! Good for you for being so dedicated to cooking.

Country Dreaming said...

Food, fun, family AND friends what more could a person want>

Yum--I love lasagna rolls!


Tracey said...

How fabulous...I love that you all try and get together on a regular basis! These look really yummy, something even my picky eaters would like :)

And game time is a favorite of ours too...

:) T

Blondie's Journal said...


You are a saint to host such a large group. Can I come next time??!! ;-)

I have made these roll ups and the nice thing is~they are so much faster to make then lasagna! Love that!

Thanks for sharing. Where is the meatball recipe??


debi said...

Carrie, your lasagna roll ups and meatballs look delish!! What a wonderful hostess you are.
Hugs, Debi

Utah Grammie said...

Wow! This looks fantastic...and it's only 5:59 in the morning!! Thanks for a really fun recipe - and it look easy - just the kind I like..got room for one more at your Sunday table??

Utah Grammie said...

OK, Cheesy Lemon bars?? Recipe please..pretty please??

koralee said...

Yum yum...what a cute idea. We have dinner night once a week with our married daughter and her husband too..a good way to stay in touch! xoxoxoxo

~Kathie~ said...

What a great idea to open your house once a week to family and friends! And the lasagna roll-ups look so delicious!

Nezzy said...

What a fun family tradition, dinner and game night. I love the idea of lasagna roll-ups. There are so many different variations that could be made. Yummy!

Have a great day filled with blessings!!!

Kim G. said...

These are great Carrie!

Diane said...

Now those look soooo... yummy I bet you had no leftovers (: And such a simple recipe, thanks for sharing. oxox, Diane

All My Yesterdays said...

yum... I love Italian kinda food so I'll try this for sure. And I'm with Grammie up there...Cheesy lemon bars recipe next (O:

Jessica Cangiano said...

My stars, those look scrumptious! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe with us!

Wishing you a gorgeous Monday & week ahead!
♥ Jessica

Leslie said...

Ohhh yummy!!!

TheRoosterChick said...

Oh, don't mind my drooling. lol Looks delish!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Wow that is some awesome presentation you have there! :D

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