May 24, 2011

Back to the Gym!

I renewed my membership at the gym....
today was my first day back.

Ready to get back in shape!

Stay Cozy,

May 19, 2011

Fruity Cuties...

Felt creations have been around forever...

Look at these vintage cuties...

Each tiny fruit was hand stitched and included a magnet on the back!

Aren't they funny?

I found them tucked inside a 1940's
vintage sewing tin 
I came across!

May 17, 2011

4.5 point Weight Watchers dinner...

Shrimp Fajita Tacos....
very light, super healthy and terrifically yummy!

A simple olive oil stir fry of 
thinly sliced green peppers,
matchstick cut carrots
chopped onions and white corn.

Add some frozen peeled shrimp and some Shiraz sauce for spice...and there you have it!
Fajita shrimp tacos on soft corn tortillas! 
You will never miss the cheese!

Finely shredded cabbage and fresh lemon tops it off!

Although I am not on the points plan I calculated this dinner to help anyone 
out there keeping track!
Perhaps you will add this recipe to your repertoire!

Stay Cozy, 

May 14, 2011

Fluffy Yogurt Scones

A basket for a friend filled with fluffy cranberry scones.
Ready to eat with...a small jar of berry jam, a spoon & a knife.

 Light and Delicious!
They were a hit!

Preheat Oven to 425 degrees. 
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. 
Sift together 2 cups all purpose flour, 2 tea. baking powder, 1/4 tea. salt and 2 tbl. sugar.
Place in a food processor or mixer.
Add 1/4 cup butter and mix until you have coarse crumbs. 
Turn into a bowl and stir in a 1/2 cup dried cranberries.
  Make a well and add 3/4 cup plain yogurt and mix just til moistened.
Turn onto a floured board and knead gently for 30 secs.
Form dough to about 2 inches thick and cut into 10-12 rounds with a cookie cutter.
Place the scones on to the baking sheet and brush the tops with yogurt. 
Sprinkle with sugar and bake for 12-15 mins. until lightly brown on top.  
Cool and eat or freeze up to 3 months.

May 13, 2011

Grab Bags...

Remember when you could go to the "Five & Dime" Store
and buy a "grab bag" for .25 cents?

It was all about the "unknown"!
You were just certain you would end up with a fabulous treasure!
It was so much fun to see what was inside....
but even more fun was the exhilarating anticipation before the bag was even opened!

Oh I know...most of the time the prize itself was kinda dumb and chintzy...
but the surprise made it all worth it.

Well as an adult I find "grab bags" at my Thrift Store too....

In this case the partial view through the plastic bag was just enough to be tempting.... 
enabling me to see some of its contents...
....but not quite everything...
Most times, I am thrilled by the hidden booty!
Getting home and dumping out the bag is just as much fun
as it was when I was a kid!

Here is a bag I recently purchased for only two dollars!
I could see that it was filled with lots of sequins and trims...

 But how much and what kinds?
I'll be right back....
I'm gonna go check out what's inside...'s a "jackpot" of trims!

 ...sequins and beads...

... feathers and tassels...

I'm gonna have to list most of this in my ebay and etsy stores!

Stay Cozy & Find a Grab Bag Today,

May 9, 2011

The Cadillac of Cutting Boards...

I was so excited when I found this at the thrift store.
Yes...I said the thrift store....yet it was brand new!
Take a look at this wonderful addition to my kitchen counter!

 It's the original index-style chopping board set from Joseph Joseph

It has four color-coded chopping boards with non-slip feet 
on both sides and index-style tabs. 
And it retails for $65.00! 
I guess they would be a bit surprised to know that I bought it
for only $2.99....but it got me to go over and visit their website....

...where they have some really cool contemporary kitchen products.
I just love new kitchen gadgets...
and with this one I scored "big time"!

Stay Cozy, 

May 5, 2011

Mother's Day (pillowcase) ApronTutorial

Here's a quick & easy gift you can whip up for your mom or a friend!
Start with a standard size pillowcase...
(I used a flannel one this time)
Lay down the pillowcase and fold up the bottom of the shorter side about 7".

 Then, flip the pillowcase over and fold up another 7" segment...

...creating three layers.

 Stitch around the two sides and the bottom going through all three layers.

Now mark the center of the apron from the bottom to the top of the 
newly made pocket section and stitch up this line...again going through
all three layers. 

This will create the two pockets.

Choose a trim or ribbon for the tie and cut a 2 yd. piece.

 Center the trim and sew it to the top edge of the apron.

 And there you have your apron!
Easy Peasy!

I added a couple of buttons to the front of the pockets....
But you can embellish it however you would like.

I was reminded of this wonderful apron idea at Betz White where
she has some fabulous craft ideas and tutorials!
My mom used to make these aprons years ago too!

Stay Cozy,

May 4, 2011

QUILTING...Piece by Peace

 A "quilt top" finished....

...patchwork hearts

 ...and prairie points...

 ...but now the real work begins...

Piecing the top of a quilt is very peaceful for me...
the sound of the machine, guiding the fabric under the needle, the repetitive motions, the time alone to think and ponder....but when the top is completed...well that is when the work really starts for me.  
Does somebody want to help me sandwich, quilt and bind this beauty?

Stay Cozy,

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