March 13, 2009

Simple Beauty is Always Around Us!

As I was enjoying the beautiful sunshine today and the clear, dry weather I took a walk around my yard to feel the warm rays on my face...and look what I found, right under my feet...the simple signs of Spring, the simple signs of God's love and grace that surround us every day. They are always there, just waiting for us to acknowledge their presence...but sometimes we can get so busy, so focused on our many tasks, that we miss what is right before our eyes. Those small and simple gifts that are given to us to enjoy each and every day. How is it that we miss them? Do we have too many other things taking priority to take even a moment for those that are most important, most meaningful and most beautiful? Simplifying your life is a journey you choose to take. To do the things you enjoy, you must find the time and take the time to do them. To spend time with people you value, you must say good-bye to a jam-packed schedule. Are you willing to make changes so that you live your life at a reasonable pace allowing time to truly enjoy that which brings you calm and contentment? Are you willing to forgo the expectations the world places on you and listen to the plan that God has had for you all along? We are all precious women, each with an important role that only we can fill. Make every day count for you and the people around you!
Simplifying is a process. It has no doubt taken a long time to build up your life to the level of busyness it may hold. It will take some time to simplify it. You can't change it all in one day...but you can make a start! Begin by noticing the simple signs of beauty in your own backyard!


Anonymous said...

I think it is amazing that our GOD is so awesome; it's wonderful when we get blessed by such special things HE gives us. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Nancy In North Carolina

The Blue Plum Shop said...

Gorgeous! Don't you love those first signs of spring? Awesome!!!

Diane said...

I love all the signs of Spring, beauty like that is priceless.
Hugs, Diane

MouseChirpy said...

Beautifully written, Carrie! Your flowers are simply gorgeous. Welcome Spring!

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

Beautiful pictures! What lovely photos to welcome in spring.

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