March 2, 2009

Baby Blessings!

This week our family welcomed a new little baby boy! My niece , Rachel gave birth to her firstborn, son, Seth! 7 lbs. 15 oz of pure joy! Mom, baby and daddy are doing great. Isn't he darling? This wonderful event prompted me to get out my little collection of mini baby cards! I just love them. They are so small and sweet. Do you have some of these vintage treasures? Hmmm...which one should I send?

My sister, Diane at Saturday Finds makes some beautiful gifts for a new baby and many other occasions too. One of her fabulous creations is called "Posy Pockets". They are so unique & special. She has a knack for that vintage flair in her designs! Go take a peek!
It is definitely worth the quick trip over to her blog and Etsy Shop!
"Happy Birthday" Posy Pocket

I love to use these vintage baby planters for baby gifts. You can always find them at sales and thrift stores. There is something so appealing about them (at least to me).

Thanks to LolliShops who sponsored their All Dolled Up Event recently, I won their door prize and received this grab box of goodies. What a fun gift to open up. Stop over and visit all of their fabulous vendors. I am sure you will spot a treasure or two.
Thanks Sadie Lou...and everyone else that participated!


Lori said...

what an adorable baby!!! he is just gorgeous...congrats to your niece and family!!!

congrats to you for winning the all dolled up door looks like you got a lot of fun goodies!!!

LaurieStar said...

What a nice box of goodies. I just stumbled upon your blog and it's so pretty here! Hope you don't mind my visiting!

MouseChirpy said...

Congratulations, Aunty Carrie! Seth looks so sweet and cuddly. Congrats to his mommy and daddy too! My nephew just had a baby boy on Feb. 12 and my niece will be having a girl in June. So exciting to see fresh, tiny, newly born human beings! LOL
And...a huge congrats to you for winning such a fabulous giveaway. I also happen to love vintage items (actually, I am vintage myself and remember most of the stuff from my childhood that you are calling vintage, hehehehe). You have a wonderful collection and I don't know how you are going to be able to part with any of it, especially those cute vases!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Congratulations! He is just beautiful, and Seth is one of my favorite names. Babies are just the best, aren't they??


Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

So sweet! And all the baby things are so cute!

Diane said...

I just love how cute little Seth looks hugging his mommy. And what a wonderful collection you have of Vintage Baby Planters. And what a great grouping of greeting cards, you know I am a sucker for those. Thanks for sharing my Posy Pockets. (:
OX, Diane

The Blue Plum Shop said...

He's adorable!!! And what a collection of vintage cards you have. Have fun with that new nephew.

Beth said...

The vintage cards are great. I have a couple of the vintage baby planters too. Aren't they great?

Elyse said...

hi carrie,

little seth is adorable.

all of your vintage treasures are lovely. love the posy pockets. so sweet.

warmest congrats to your family!



Hi Carrie,
Thanks for stopping by:) Love all your vintage's my weakness:)
Sweet baby planter and a sweet new nephew:)
Fun winnings you rec'd too!!
I have one of Diane's posy pockets.
It makes me smile. Do you make them also!?
Hey, it's Wednesday...

The Blue Plum Shop said...

Carrie....I got the message that I won! How fun is that! Thanks a bunch. I hope you see this comment because I cannot find your email anywhere on your blog.
Please email me at

violetlady said...

Congratulations on the new baby. He is beautiful!

Karen said...

Oh what a beautiful baby, he is just precious! Congratulations to your family.
I just love your vintage baby cards. Saturday, while helping to clean out my husband's grandfather's home we found a box of vintage baby cards! I brought them home and hope to do a blog about them soon. I think they were sent for the birth of my mother-in-law who just turn 70!
Also congrats on your win...what a fun box of goodies!!!

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