March 13, 2010

A Meal in Minutes!

Peppered Talapia over Brown Rice

This was a last minute dish that I threw together in 
25 minutes!
(including the cooking time)
There are many nights when I have no idea 
what time my husband is getting home...
so I don't begin the dinner until I get the call that he is on his way
and will be here in 30 minutes!
This dish worked out perfectly for just one of those nights.

I found 2 packages of frozen tilapia filets (4 total) already seasoned in my fridge.
I added a package of frozen red and yellow pepper strips,
1 large can diced tomatoes,
1/2 can black pitted olives,
1 bag frozen spinach, rinsed off and squeezed out.
I topped it off with some sweet chili sauce and cayenne pepper!

While this finished cooking in a large frypan on medium heat...
I put a bag of Trader Joe's frozen brown rice in the microwave,
(it only takes 3 mins.)

As my husband walked in... the rice was done
...the fish and veggies were cooked through
and... dinner was served!
 (Only I knew how easy it was...and now you do too!)

Browse your freezer and see what dish you can cook up!


vicki said...

Catching up...
Lucky Hubby you got there! And that looks soooo good, now I'm hungry. Guess I'll go BROWSE the freezer (o:
Thanks for the easy peasy!

Blondie's Journal said...

Some ingredients close at hand a some imagination! You have that and more. Great meal. I'll remember it. Love the olives!


Just Breathe said...

Great idea, looks delicious.

koralee said...

Yummmy..with 3 "M"s

Lori said...

sounds wonderful...and so quick and easy gotta love that!!!

Judi said...

Yum-my.... I love tilapea and usually have some frozen in my freezer. I will definately remember this receipe. Perhaps we'll try it this weekend coming...
thank you for sharing. I love when something thrown together turns out to be so fabulous and simple..

Country Dreaming said...

Wow--Aren't you the quickie cook--
Great job!


Diane said...

You love cooking, I bet Michael is a Happy husband when he gets home! Hugs, Diane

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Yum! I need dishes like this for at least 6 nights of the week!

Kissed by an Angel said...

Looks gorgeous!! Just the type of meal that I like - quick, easy and impressive!!!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Looking so so Delicious!! Must have been a great taste! Have a lovely day! xoxox

heartfelt living said...

Hi Carrie,
Thank you so much for stopping by and entering my giveaway. Best of luck!
When will we have scratch and sniff online. hehe Your dinner looks so delicious!!!
Just perfect for Lent with fish on Fridays!
Thanks for sharing.

Leslie said...

I am soooooooooo having this for dinner this week. Looks delicious.

JennyMay said...

HI Doll,

This looks exactly like something I would make...I swear we are sisters!!! YUMMMY!!!

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